European nations are closing their doors to Russians trying to escape the Kremlin's war. It's immoral - and illegal.
The right is trying to broaden left opposition to military aid into general opposition to global redistribution.
Nearly two hundred years later, scientists are still criticizing the idea of "free will".
After rigorous psychoanalysis of his views on Russia I have arrived at an extremely scientific conclusion
Ganz's changing assessment of the war in Ukraine: reaction to news, or decisive indictment of liberal humanitarianism?
"Degrowth" and "primitivism" are not the same thing!
His theory for how to argue against imperialism is really just a PR strategy - and a dubious one at that.
A moment in history our pro-Kremlin "anti-imperialists" have mysteriously forgotten.
The right is destroying the radical left - by imitating its criticism.
There's no getting "pilled" against a capitalist ideology that always adapts.
Today's players are much better than the older generations, and it's not just because of training or nutrition
Anti-imperialists have always condemned the kind of referendum Russia wants to hold in Zaporizka.