All of this writing and data analysis is a lot of work! So after more than five years of posting, I've finally launched a Patreon to help pay the bills.
Hi - I'm Carl Beijer. I'm an educator, an activist, and above all, a writer. I've been blogging continuously since the 90s, back when posting meant dropping a .txt file into a folder on a public server.

I typically write about socialism, ideology, and elections. During my academic career, my focus was on propaganda systems and the construction of ideology. I also have years of organizing and activism under my belt dating back to the Bush-era antiwar movement.

In my professional life, I've mostly been an editor and a teacher. Most recently, I spent a few years abroad teaching English as a second language - mostly to children in Ukraine. And I also teach college literature and composition classes from time to time. When I'm not writing, I'm often just reading, gaming, or hanging out with friends and dogs.


The best way to reach me is at, or to DM me on Twitter (@carlbeijer).

I usually do not pitch articles, but if you'd like me to write something I'm happy to talk. Same thing goes for quotes, podcast guesting, and so on: media is not my career, but I try to be as generous with my time as I can. Occasionally I get requests to reprint articles written for this site, and usually my only condition is that I ask for a byline.