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The media is trying to stop Bernie's momentum. Don't let them

Bernie Sanders surged to a second decisive victory Tuesday night in New Hampshire, solidifying his status as the frontrunner in the Democratic primary. Less than a month ago state polls predicted a win for former Vice President Joe Biden, who had held a formidable lead in national polls since he launched his campaign in April. But Sanders, on a wave of grassroots support and record-breaking fundraising, surged nearly ten points since late January; now, he moves on to Nevada and South Carolina with clear momentum against a fractured opposition.
That's what the media would be saying right now about any other candidate.
The story of the last several months writes itself. Sanders, would be our nation's first democratic socialist president and our first Jewish president, had fallen into third place; but in mid-October, he launched a historic comeback with a massive rally in Queens, New York. From there, he fought his way into second place, and then an apocalyptic collapse by Joe Biden and a last minute surge by Sanders placed him firmly in the lead. An army of volunteers, many who became involved in left activism after Sanders' 2016 run, have given him a massive and disciplined ground game; meanwhile, a huge pool of working class donors have given him a seemingly inexhaustible war chest that the corporate money propping up opponents simply can't compete with.

Why aren't we seeing this story? It's simple: the most influential voices in our media want Sanders to lose, and they know that they can hurt him by downplaying his victories. That's why they credulously repeated Pete Buttigieg's early, error-ridden claims of victory in Iowa and then downplayed Sanders' clear popular vote win; that's why they've shifted focus onto all kinds of subplots among Klobuchar, Warren, and Biden (none of whom have even placed second).

In the coming months, Sanders' road becomes harder. While his strength among young and BIPOC voters will become more of an asset, he is about to run into states where Biden and Bloomberg have concentrated their spending. And his overwhelmingly negative coverage in the mainstream media will become an even greater liability among the majority of Democratic voters who are only now really tuning in to the primary.

Sanders needs the momentum he has earned moving towards Super Tuesday, but he isn't going to get it in the media. His path to victory is the same that it's always been: Bernie Sanders wins if a historically unprecedented movement of ordinary Americans rise up against the ruling class. And that doesn't just mean donations: it means making calls, knocking on doors, sending texts, and volunteering in any way that you can. It's time to get to work.