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CPUSA gives Democrat quadrennial meaningless endorsement

Every four years, the Communist Party USA rolls out its quadrennial endorsement of whoever the Democrats have nominated for president. This tells us approximately zero about the candidate, her opponents, or the circumstances of any particular election. All it tells us is that the eternal tactical schism on the left between lesser-evil and protest-voting is still with us, and that a single organization with about 3,000 members and two salaried staff remains on the same side of that divide that it always has.

Historically, whenever the CPUSA makes its endorsement, right-wing demagogues use this as their opportunity to rehash the same canned take on how the Democrat is so radical that even the communists support them. The standard liberal response, of course, is to insist that the CPUSA is irrelevant and that its politics say nothing about the Democratic nominee. Seriously, this happens every single time:

There are only two kinds of people who think that the Communist Party USA's endorsement is evidence that the Democratic Party has leftist credibility: 1) right-wing demagogues who want to smear the Democrats as communists and 2) right-wing demagogues who want to try to co-opt communism's prestige and appeal. All that's changed is that communism's increasing popularity has made (2) more useful to the right.