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Did Michelle Goldberg just admit to coordinating an attack on Sanders with the Clinton campaign?

Clinton has not hit Sanders with a single negative ad. Not one...The Sanderistas appear to believe they were treated unfairly, even viciously, in this primary. In fact, they’ve been handled incredibly gingerly. - Michelle Goldberg
The Clinton campaign openly coordinates its messaging with super PACs. The super PACs, in turn, coordinate their messaging with "former [sic] reporters, bloggers, public affairs specialists, designers, Ready for Hillary alumni, and Hillary super fans". They also have direct financial and staffing ties with third-party propaganda organs like Blue Nation Review. They also have a giant cohort of suspiciously on-message media surrogates and prominent "independent" allies who invariably get signal boosted by the usual suspects.

All of this may be a clever enough way to get around FEC regulations (aka "democratic governance"), but the artfully phrased claim that "Clinton has not hit Sanders with a single negative ad" is preposterous. No one with any minimal familiarity with Clinton's history of campaigning or with how campaign communications work actually believes this. The notion that the Clinton has no ties to the attacks going out is so ridiculous that Goldberg accidentally contradicts it just a few sentences later:
A source close to the Clinton campaign tells me that because Sanders has high favorability numbers with Democrats, Clinton would have damaged herself by attacking him, especially since she didn’t have to in order to win.
Did you catch that? Goldberg, who has a demonstrable record of advancing some of the most common negative attacks on Sanders [1][2][3][4][5][6], is working on an article that will literally rehearse the most damning attacks on Sanders she can think of. (Given a "the media isn't saying this" pretext, which is particularly amusing since Goldberg herself wrote the exact same article just a few months back.)

And she admits that while working on this, she consulted with an anonymous "source close to the Clinton campaign" specifically about negative attacks on Sanders.