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The Matt Bruenig Election Team has called the Democratic age divide for months

The Matt Bruenig Election Team's advanced models and top-shelf data journalism is so untouchable that the pundits can only stay in business by doing two things: ignoring us, and trivializing us. The smart ones just pretend that we don't exist; the less clever ones try to pretend that we're just joking around, even though we have the most diverse team, the most impressive resources, and the biggest fan base in the game.

But just to hammer home how legit we are: notice how everyone's suddenly talking about the age divide in the Democratic primaries after USA Today reported on Sanders' 20 point lead among young women? They weren't talking about it before - but the Matt Bruenig election team's been talking about this for months. Just a few reasons why we're you're #1 source for groundbreaking, fact-driven election coverage:


October 26: Matt writes about the "very significant age divide" among D voters

October 27: Matt writes about "an emerging feminist age divide"

November 19: Carl writes that Clinton is "the last gasp of the baby boomers"

December 11: Matt debunks Marcotte's claims about a gender gap among young voters with numbers showing a substantial lead for Sanders among voters under 30

January 6: Carl argues that poverty among young women may explain their support of Sanders

January 10: Matt notes that most Clintonites (besides DWS) cannot explain the age divide