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The federal government would easily destroy Joni Ernst and her family

Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst has openly admitted that she carries a gun "to defend myself and my family...from the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important."

Obviously Americans should probably think twice about electing a violent radical who openly admits her contempt for democratic governance, and plenty of people are going to point this out. So instead, it's worth reiterating a point that should be equally obvious but that'll almost certainly get lost in the furor:

There is no way Joni Ernst and her gun could do a thing to stop federal government.

This is a perfect example of the delusion, impotent posturing I've addressed at length. Suppose that government agents came to arrest Joni Ernst for whatever reason, and that Ernst, in defense of whatever "rights" she thinks are being violated, attempts to open fire on them. If this happened in the open, any officers on hand would return fire and immediately subdue her. If she managed to barricade herself in her home or whatever, officers would just call in reinforcements and either pin her in her home until she surrendered or take her out in a standard police raid. The chance that she would successfully evade capture - not just immediate capture, but eventual capture - are less than zero.

If gun nuts learn one lesson from the all-too-familiar scenario of a lone gunman trying to take down the state, they should learn that basic, modest forms of gun control are probably a good idea. But if they don't learn that, they should at least learn that armed attacks on the state basically never work.