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Why the media feels comfortable bashing the GOP - 7/21/16
There are many reasons why the media delights in bashing the GOP. The media is mostly composed of moderate liberal types and so the GOP is their political enemy; the media is largely cloistered in coastal cities where they have little daily interaction with GOP partisans; and the media, like most other moderate liberals, get off on a kind of smugness that requires a depraved political foil.

For a long time, I figured this was enough to explain the media's comfort in slamming such a huge portion of the American public. But lately I feel like the above theories are not enough. They simply can't explain the vicious level of almost carnal hatred the media has for the GOP and its supporters. Something more must be going on.

After puzzling over what that something could be, it hit me: the media feels comfortable bashing the GOP because it is a party mostly made up of women and people of color. In 2012, 55 percent of Romney voters were women and people of color. And there is nothing elite coastal types like more than shitting over women and people of color - when they think they can get away with it. The existence of other objections to the GOP provide them the cover they need to finally act out their implicit and explicit biases against organizations predominately made up of women and POC.