Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A note from exile.

Getting a lot of emails asking what's up, so to clarify:

Once again, people are trying to get me fired and track down information about where I live. Historically, this mostly happened when I criticized right-wing militia nuts, but today I'm being targeted by self-identified liberals. I'm not particularly concerned on my own behalf - sorry guys, but my employers love me, and anyone who tries to attack me in person better have a good counter to the Stone Cold Stunner - but it's clear to me that this is part of a broader effort to silence critics on the left, and that my presence only exacerbates the situation. So for their sake, it's time to ghost.

In the meantime, I recommend keeping an eye on four groups of people:
1. The attack dogs, stalking horses, and loose cannons who are doing the dirty work of smearing and defaming left critics - who are useful precisely because they are disreputable and do not have credibility and reputations that they need to defend; 
2. The elite partisans who work to maintain some pretense of credibility - but who regularly leverage that to signal-boost and endorse attacks from group (1) if they look like they can stick;
3. The concern trolls, respectable above-the-frayers, and pox-on-both-houses types who enable the attacks of group (2) when they refuse to call bullshit on them, or who actively normalize and legitimize them with faux-moderate / reasonable "(2) has a point" rhetoric; 
4. The principled comrades who maintain solidarity, who continue to call out (1)(2) and (3) - and who will be increasingly targeted by (1).
Good luck.