Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A wrestling GIF is not harassment

NOTE: I wrote this a while ago - but given the intensity of argument this morning among parties to the dispute, I decided to hold off, give the situation a chance to deescalate, and give Sarah Jeong the opportunity to put this to rest. Unfortunately, it has since then become clear that Jeong intends to continue to lie about me, and since I take accusations of harassment seriously, I think the facts deserve some clarification.

Sarah Jeong continues to allege that I have harassed her. Fortunately no one even remotely familiar with her schtick believes this, but the claim is worth addressing since it can be so easily discredited. There's no need to take my word for any of this: our interactions have been so few that I can lay them all out in 8 bullet points.

Things I have said directly to Sarah Jeong
  • She made allegations of bigotry against Sanders supporters but refused to provide any evidence, so I tweeted a throwaway "delete your account you bougie oaf"
  • She posted an insane theory speculating that Sanders supporters work for Trump, so I made a dumb jokey pun after our recent snowstorm that it was "Meltdown Sunday"
  • She called a friend a "shitposter" and ridiculed her unemployment; I responded "you're an unfunny bougie laughingstock & you failed the bar b/c you're dumb" (all common knowledge)
  • She posted multiple screencaps of a conversation that I didn't @ her on (see below), so I responded with a goofy "u mad?" gif of Stephanie McMahon
Things I have said publicly about but not to Sarah Jeong
Things I have said about, not to Jeong in conversations
  • Not gonna list this out, but anyone can browse through my mentions and look for themselves. One point of interest is that during an extended conversation with someone else last night, I said this - but Jeong, presumably hoping that her followers don't see that, is passing around a screencap from the same conversation where I say this. The first tweet should make the second one crystal clear. Other than that - as anyone who looks through those mentions can see - I've merely argued my assessment that Jeong is (put gently) a bad person (put bluntly, a doofus, a garbage fire, etc).

Posting goofy GIFs and image macros is obviously uncivil and juvenile, but it's ridiculous and cynical hyperbole to characterize any of this as anything remotely resembling harassment. The right thing would be for Jeong to retract her demonstrable lie; I am not expecting that, but will resume my previous attempts to deescalate this dull flamewar. Let's hope she follows suit.