Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Matt Bruenig Election Team Pledge: No drama, just the numbers

Elections are stressful. The stakes are high, the competition is intense, and the news coverage is inescapable and unrelenting. You're as jaded and cynical as a college freshman who just took the red pill or an aging political operative who's getting to old for this shit, but even you can't help but get personally invested. You're quietly watching the polls and wondering if that upset stomach is turning into an ulcer. You're tired, you have a slight headache, and all you want is for the whole election to end.

We get it. And while other media outlets only care about generating as much drama as possible, the Matt Bruenig Election Team thinks that you deserve better.

That's why we're committed to keeping the hype and political fads out of our election coverage and bringing you only what you need: the facts. The Matt Bruenig Election Team relies on state-of-the-art proprietary models to generate the most sophisticated and accurate projections on the market today, and we deliver this straight to you with no spin and no bullshit. We won't try to invent a horserace like the pundits have in the Republic primaries: our models tell us that Trump is winning, and we aren't going to change that just because our ratings or down or Ben Carson sends us a press release. Our numbers tell us that so-called "Berniebros" are just a tiny fringe of Reddit nerds, so we aren't going to agitate you with an endless series of articles about how they're impacting the race for Democrats.

False melodrama is what corporate political media tries to sell you when they need clicks. Manufactured controversies are what political operatives try to sell you when they're shilling for their political employers. But the Matt Bruenig Election Team isn't in the pocket of the corporations OR the candidates - we're here for YOU.