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Peter Daou fails up, you tread water - 11/20/15
Two weeks ago:
I'll put this as gently as I can: the only thing that is less likely than a Sanders win is you getting a significant job working for Hillary Clinton...when the new positions eventually open up, there is going to be a long line of people who are better connected and more qualified than you waiting to fill them.
...the Clintons bring with them a network of aging professionals who have accumulated on their aging political careers like dust on a Fleetwood Mac vinyl. Paradigm case-in-point, Peter Daou: best known as a proud death squad vet, but also a 50-something media advisor who has built his career around the Clintons. He was the Internet Director for Hillary's disastrous 2008 online campaign; right now he seems to be vying for another position with his hilarious "Hillary Men" initiative.
Hillary Clinton ally David Brock is acquiring a media outlet, sources involved in the negotiation and sale of the site tell The Huffington Post...Peter Daou, digital media strategist for Clinton's 2008 campaign, will serve as the new CEO of True Blue Media.

Attention political media: do you get what just happened here? Peter Daou ran a catastrophic failure of a communications campaign in 2008. He has spent the past seven years since then hopping from Clinton project to Clinton project as a "consultant". He wanted a role with the 2016 campaign, so he launched his ridiculous "Hillary Men" schtick to make a giant show of desperate, shameless servility to his patron.

And now, just a few days after another massive PR disaster - Daou unmasked as a death squad monster and an embarrassing third-person "I'm not mad" post - he is being rewarded with a lucrative prestige appointment to a Clinton 2016 media front.

You, media person, will never write a take so hot, break a story so big or publish an essay so profound that you will come anywhere near a career like Daou's. As long as this wretched system remains in place you will spend the next several decades frantically trying to keep pace with the cost of living and sighing helplessly as a thousand well-connected doofuses step in line ahead of you. I have no advice left to give, just the usual refrain: fuck Hillary Clinton, fuck David Brock, and fuck Peter Daou.