Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Joe Biden will not run for president

The Matt Bruenig Election Team's rollout is still a bit away, but in the meantime this news seems too big for us to sit on:

Reliable sources have informed us, unequivocally, that Vice President Joe Biden will not be running for president.

The prospect of a run by Biden has preoccupied journalists and other political analysts for months, but their lack of access has forced them to rely on speculation that was uninformed - and now, it turns out, usually incorrect. Our team, meanwhile, has monitored the situation carefully, and as Biden remained undecided until now, we refrained from making any predictions.

We expect Biden to announce his decision at The White House tomorrow - an announcement that will confirm the Matt Bruenig Election Team as your #1 source for news and analysis on the 2016 elections.