Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Capitalist running-dog Matt Bruenig promotes "moderate" UBI scam

Tired of capitalism? That's the clever headline for Matt Bruenig's Very Serious piece in the Washington Post today - clever, because he then goes on to explain just how great capitalism is and how we can make it work even better.

This is just the latest wave of publicity for what's quickly becoming the American right's latest cause célèbre: so-called "Universal Basic Income", or UBI. In the guise of yet another "cautious", "pragmatic" adjustment that supposedly "enjoys enormous support among leading economists" (in the United States, of course), Bruenig hopes to prop up the rotting edifice of late capitalism for his imperial masters.

The plan begins, of course, the same way all capitalist plans begin: with bourgeois control of the means of production. Bruenig refuses to abolish private property, refuses to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, and refuses to bow before the international working class by dismantling all national borders. Instead - quelle surprise! - he wants Reform of Government Spending Priorities version 54840940.4. The program would work like literally every other program in our country's history. He doesn't even call for a tax increase; the right may very well even try to push this through by taking funds through other programs.

Ultimately, UBI just functions as grease for the grinding wheels of capitalism. In a fit of "compassionate conservativism", the funds are distributed "unconditionally to all Americans" - but of course, almost instantly, that money will leave American saving accounts and find its way into the cash registers, credit card payments and rent checks of the ruling class. This obviously has left quite intact the circulation of capital, as Marx called it "M-C-M, the transformation of money into commodities, and the change of commodities back again into money" - but since under capitalism goods and services are always sold at a profit, "More money is withdrawn from circulation at the finish than was thrown into it at the start."

This is why the right-wing UBI scheme advanced by Matt Bruenig and his ilk can only be understood as an effective and probably premeditated plan to consolidate the wealth and power of the profiteers, appease the wrath of the nation's proletariat, and forestall the absolute destruction of capitalism and the final glorious triumph of international socialism. It's just the latest rebranding of what used to be called "Citizen's Income" - a proposal championed by radical libertarian Charles Murray, who himself credited an even more fanatical free-market capitalist, deified right-wing academic Milton Friedman. Murray was quite explicit in promoting UBI as a scheme to lure leftists into yet another right-wing ploy, sold as a moderate "way of reaching out across the political divide between libertarians and social-democrats".

Communists, radical socialists, and all who stand for the utter destruction of capitalism and its demonic running-dog allies must UNCONDITIONALLY REJECT this supposedly "moderate" UBI SCAM. Do NOT be deceived by the propaganda of "scientists" or appeals to UBI's popularity among the brainwashed masses. And do not be deceived by Bruenig's shameless "compassion for the poor", which is only a mask for the murderous hatred latent in all Dempublican schemes to save capitalism from itself. Solidarity to our comrades fighting all over the world; all power to the proletariat!