Thursday, March 26, 2015

SHOCKER: Anarchy Dad has dumb ideas about the sixties

I think that later historians will conclude that the legacy of the sixties revolution was deeper than we now imagine...One often hears that antiwar protests in the late sixties and early seventies were ultimately failures...But afterward, those controlling U.S. foreign policy were so anxious about being met with similar popular unrest...that they refused to commit U.S. forces to any major ground conflict for almost thirty years.
Well, closer to 25 years, since Afghanistan started in 2005.

And there was also the first Gulf War, which was just 15 years later.

And the US was also involved in more than 30 other conflicts between Vietnam and Afghanistan.

And popular resistance was an obstacle to military aggression for millennia before 1968.

So what exactly was revolutionary about the sixties?