Monday, February 23, 2015

U MAD BRO? Five times Chait got IRATE with Marxists

Liberals have always hated Karl Marx, but liberal columnist Jonathan Chait seems to reserve a special well of fury for the economist and his advocates. Here, in no particular order, are ten times when Chait totally lost his cool and went totally ballistic on Marxists:

5. Source of outrage: Chait is mad about political correctness, and takes the opportunity to make some tangential and oddly counterfactual comments about how communist states historically formed policy.

Quote: "Marxists are very good at crushing critics of their policies, but rather bad at devising the policies themselves. Those two facts are not unrelated. The construction of effective policy requires internal reasoning, not the automatic identification of all criticism as the representation of a privileged class."

4. Source of outrage: Chait is angry that elected officials have allegedly voiced approving comments about Marxism.

Quote: "I strongly dispute Friedersdorf’s premise that Rand’s theories are a variant of democracy, any more than Marx’s are. In fact, I find the existence of powerful elected officials who praise her theories every bit as disturbing to contemplate as elected officials who praise Marxism."

3. Source of outrage: Chait is furiously imagining one of his children marrying a Marxist.

Quote: "I consider Republicanism a negative factor in a potential in-law. That is not the only ideological objection. I would likewise bring healthy skepticism to a Marxist, anarchist, radical Islamist, monarchist, or advocate of Greater Russia."

2. Source of outrage: Chait is incensed that Brazilians would approve of Che Guavera.

Quote: "Of course, Che Guavera was a murderous communist guerrilla. People who travel to a communist country to visit shrines to murderous communist guerrillas generally have extremely left-wing views."

1. Source of outrage: Chait explodes with rage when Marxists remind him that communist states have never been Marxist in any meaningful sense.

Quote: "Wilkinson's objection reminds me of Marxists who deny any responsibility for conditions in Communist countries. It's true that actual communist states always differ from theoretical Marxism. At some point, though, it's fair to examine the reality created by the theory, not just the theory itself."