Saturday, November 22, 2014

The right's revealing reaction to the Benghazi report

The right's Benghazi meme has always been an attempt to exploit the deaths of four dead Americans to attack prominent Democrats. A report quietly released last night by the House GOP debunking the party's own conspiracy theories makes this clear enough.

But anyone who's still skeptical need only look at the right's reaction to the report:
This is crass and cynical dishonesty. The left is obviously enjoying a laugh at the expense of Republicans, not the dead. They see the House report as proof that Republicans tried and failed to take advantage of a national tragedy. They see this as humiliating for Republicans, who come off looking like deranged conspiracy theorists and callous opportunists. Whether leftists are justified in ridiculing Republicans is another question, but that is obviously what they are doing.

By pretending that the left is ridiculing those who died in Benghazi, Republicans hope to take our respect and compassion for those who lost their lives, and to use those feelings as a political bludgeon against Democrats. The GOP doesn't see their memory as something sacred; they see it as an opportunity and a weapon. That, of course, is what the Benghazi scandal has been about all along. That truth may be lost in the obscurity of what happened in 2012, but it's quite plain here. Republicans are going to construe anything the left says as an insult to the dead - even when the only people being insulted are Republicans.